Born in 1951, Finn Sjöberg was musically raised in the Swedish city Örebro which had an intense music life during the sixties. At that time all kinds of music from the famous contemporary pop groups to a lot of blues and even diving deep into a lot of jazz were essential parts of life.

In 1970 Finn moved to Stockholm to study, with poor success. Soon he played in the ”Swedish progg”-group “Kvartetten som sprängde”. After that he started to work as a freelance musician with different Swedish acts - backing up the international Swedish stars Harpo and Abba as well as famous local acts. Trying to grow up, he was contracted as a record producer on the Swedish label Metronome, where he produced a number of high quality records. He started a 17-year period as the guitarist with the famous Swedish singer Lill Lindfors.

In 1983, Finn gave studies another try. After taking his Master Degree at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he has doubled as an IT-professional and as a musician.

Finn has released two instrumental records in his own name, the latest in1998: ”Guitar Heaven”.