Kvartetten som sprängde

From the beginning Kvartetten som sprängde reallly was a quartet. Named after a famous book by Birger Sjöberg (not related to Finn :) the setting was Hammond organ, drums, guitar and a singer, Margareta Söderberg. Soon she thought that her folk and medieval style did not perfectly fit in with the rest of the group. At that point, instead of changing name, the name became a joke - the quartet that was a trio.

So the quartet was
- Fred Hellman, Hammond organ
- Rune Carlsson, drums
- Finn, guitar & flute

2 records were made:
- Kattvals on Gump (Metronome)
- Valhall, backing up Bernt Staf (Silence)

I played with the group between '72 and '75. They giged some more after I left but not for long.

Enjoy some nice shots by Bengt Eriksson from a night at Magnus Ladulås in '73.


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