The Squareheads Blues Band

The very first band I played with that did gigs was The Squareheads Blues Band. We found out that Swedes were nicknamed Squareheads in some parts of the US.
From left to right: Claes Bure drums, Tony Laroy Strandberg vocal & harmonica, Leif Habba Hallborg base and me (gtr).

Today Claes Bure is probably making music, last I saw of him was in the Schlager Festival ("Beatles gave us their music..."). Laroy is a famous painter. Do not know much about Habba, hope he's got a good life still in Kumla where he came from.

The band played blues - Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson..

Great pictures shot by my sister, Ragnhild. Sept 68.. :)


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